Colormap offers an unique experience to adjust colors showing the result in a realtime Face Tracking Visualization.

HSB, RGB, CMYK – color modes can be quite confusing, but are an important part of a designer‘s job. Even if the regulators of a mode work together, you have to adjust them individually on the computer. The realtime Face Tracking Visualization Colormap – which was implemented with Processing and Arduino using the integrated camera of a Macbook – provides a more intuitive option to regulate those settings: It conceptualizes the creation of a color network through adjusting the settings of HSB – represented by connections between the stars. Therefore, the camera tracks the current position of the users‘ face using three components: Adjust »hue« through moving the head from left to right, »saturation« through back and forth motion and »brightness« through moving the face up and down. The idea is to create a color in an abstract and playful scenery, using the interacting regulators of the color mode. In order to provide a surprise effect, you can‘t see the current HSB value, but however, when you clap it will appear on the screen.
»Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet« – Expressing both the technique and beauty of colors, Colormap helps people to experience and understand the big variety of colors.

Project: Colormap
Client: Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Services: Face Tracking visualization
Duration: 6th semester, 2017
Programs: Illustrator, Processing, Arduino
Team: Vanessa Friesen

Colormap Colormap Colormap