12 – 20 times per minute, day after day, we breathe – isn't it interesting how something so critical to life goes on without you even thinking about it? Breath aims to draw people’s attention to this important issue.

I designed Breath including film and poster as a conscious effort to express the subject graphically and understandable, while avoiding the complex and outdated teaching imagery that is often associated with it. To do so, the design approach is centered on minimalist and reduced compositions: The visual language is designed to feel clear and modern, using white space and simple graphics which are highlighted by a blue color. The narrative structure takes the reader on a journey through the whole act of breathing, beginning with the air and gas quantity. The middle part of the film covers the process of inhalation and its important components, while the following graphics illustrate a detailed view of the gas exchange and exhalation of air. In addition, the poster completes the content with information graphics and provides useful background information. Overall, the design of film and poster appears in a minimalistic, but original, modern way – the graphics are reduced to the essential in order to help people understand the topic easily.

Project: Breath
Client: Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Services: Information Design
Duration: 6th semester, 2017
Programs: Illustrator, InDesign, Hype
Team: -

Breath Breath Breath Breath Breath